Protection and Safeguards
Our team specializes in anti-terrorism and force protection (AT/FP) applications, industrial accident safeguards, and seismic retrofits. For many organizations, concerns which have typically remained isolated have moved to budget line items, reflecting a new reality in the world of protective design. The efficient delivery of perimeter security and structural hardening for data centers, energy production, chemical processing, and other commercial applications requires an integrated approach:

Experienced Insight

Protective Technologies LLC, formerly Protective Technologies Group (PTG), was established in 2009 as a unique protective design and engineering firm. It now advances to the next level with the addition of two leading resources. Security specialists associated with the Jacobs School of Engineering at the University of California San Diego work on the cutting edge of engineering research with one of the largest and most comprehensive blast and seismic testing programs in the nation. The innovative university research is combined with the integrated capital, engineering and construction, and manufacturing and logistics expertise of Harrison Walker and Harper, which holds an equally solid 125-year heritage.

Complete Service

Our full service, standalone team provides a comprehensive approach to protective design and engineering, starting at the perimeter and incorporating the building envelope to include the design of major structural elements and other components, such as windows and doors.  With this comprehensive approach, the design and engineering plan addresses all aspects of threat assessment, design and construction. After assessing your needs, we can design, test and validate all elements, deliver economic advantages with location incentives, and then build and support the complete solution.

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Integrated solutions for critical infrastructure protection

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